BGA Reballing and Robotic Hot Solder Dip Solutions


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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


Customer Service Questions

Q: What alloys of solder spheres do you offer?
A: We currently offer both industry standard Pb (Sn63/Pb37) and Pb-free (SAC 305) alloys.
Q: What sizes of solder spheres are offered?
A: We currently offer the following diameter solder balls: 0.38mm (0.015”), 0.46mm (0.018"), 0.51mm (0.020"), 0.56mm (0.022"), 0.61mm (0.024"), 0.64mm (0.025"), and 76mm (0.030").
Q: Why don’t you have preforms “in stock?"
A: The volume of BGA patterns, pitches, and ball sizes, makes it costly to have so many options in inventory. Building preforms to order is the best way to ensure the customer is satisfied. Online orders typically receive a one (1) business day turnaround.
Q: What is the cut off time for online orders?
A: If you order before noon, the product will ship the next business day.
Q: What is the fastest way to order?
A: The fastest way is our e-commerce site at
If you have a custom package, complete a "Request for Quote" form.
Q: We have a custom BGA package. Does Winslow Automation supply custom preforms?
A: Yes. Winslow Automation can make almost any custom preform pattern. There is a fee for development of a new preform which is not in our database. All we need is a package drawing from the customer in PDF or AutoCAD 2000 format. An additional fee for reverse engineering the part is required without a drawing, and a sample part will need to be sent to us. Complete a  "Request for Quote" form.
Q: What other information do you need for custom preforms?
A: Please include all information on the "Request for Quote" form, including the alloy (Pb or Pb-Free) and the quantity.
Q: Is there a minimum quantity needed for an order?
A: The minimum quantity is one package of 25 preforms.
Q: Is there a minimum dollar amount?
A: Orders originating from a PO have a $150 minimum dollar amount. E-commerce and credit card orders do not have a minimum.
Q: Can Winslow Automation provide preforms with solder balls of other alloys?
A: We will evaluate the request on a case-by-case basis; you will need to complete our online "Request for Quote" form. 
Q: Do you offer BGA Preforms with Pb90/10Sn solder spheres?
A: For high-lead ball attach or BGA Reballing services we recommend S•I•X S•I•G•M•A.



Technical Process Support Questions

Q: How long does it take to process a BGA component average package using the SolderQuik® BGA Solder Preforms?
A: The actual labor time to reball a properly prepared component is roughly 30 seconds per package, plus four or five minutes of reflow time. Multiple packages can be placed through reflow at one time.
Q: How do I properly prepare a BGA component for reballing?
A: First, clean and bake packages. Next, remove the solder using a variety of processes and equipment, including hot air vacuum tools, desoldering braid and soldering iron, and wave solder. These methods take only a few seconds per component. After removal of residual solder, clean away flux residues with an isopropyl alcohol wipe. Our BGA Reballing Starter Kit contains a complete detailed instruction manual for deballing components.
Q: Can tap water be used to clean the package?
A: We recommend deionized (DI) water to clean packages to ensure ionic cleanliness at the component.
Q: Can acetone be used to clean the package?
A: Acetone is not recommended.
Q: Can Winslow Automation recommend another solution for package cleaning?
A: We also recommend IPA (Isopropyl alcohol).
Q: How do I clean off Ionic residues after ball attach?
A: All residues should be water soluble, so residue removal can easily be done with deionized (DI) water in a spray rinser or batch cleaning system, as well as by simply brushing with DI water.
Q: Is there a no-clean flux version of Winslow Automation’s BGA kit?
A: We have evaluated the use of a no-clean flux for this process and advise against it. A no-clean flux will work but because of its mild activity, a large quantity is needed, which then in turn requires cleaning. The use of no-clean flux also makes carrier removal more difficult. We recommend Alpha Metals WS-609 past flux for Pb and Alpha Metals WS-619 paste flux  for Pb-free.
Q: How should I set the temperature profile?
A: We recommend the standard JEDEC-J-STD-020C.
Q: Why doesn’t Winslow Automation supply fluxed desoldering braid with their kit?
A: Winslow Automation purposefully provides paste flux and flux-free desoldering braid so there will be no chemical intermixing between a fluxed braid and a customer-supplied flux.
Q: How do I know the package is cleaned sufficiently?
A: The best way to determine if the package has been cleaned properly is to use an Ionograph or equivalent piece of equipment to test for ionic contamination.
Q: What should the balls look like after reballing?
A: After reflow, the balls on the package should be spherical and shiny. An orange peel texture to the balls usually signifies too long a time above reflow, too hot a reflow temperature or too slow of a cool-down cycle. If package specs allow, a second reflow will resolve this condition.