Matt Mazdeh
Sales and Marketing Manager

Winslow Automation Introduces Lead-Free Solder Sphere
SolderQuik™ Preforms for BGA Reballing.

San Jose, CA - January 19, 2000 - Winslow Automation, Inc. announced today that their patented SolderQuik™ BGA Preform is now available with lead-free solder spheres as well as tin-lead.

SolderQuik™ BGA Preforms with lead-free solder (SN96/AG04) spheres are available in 0.020”, 0.025”, and 0.030” ball diameters, with plans to introduce more options later this year. The simplicity of the SolderQuik™ patented design enables Winslow Automation to be able to adapt to the market’s needs quickly. The ball attach process using the lead-free preform is the same as tin-lead except the ball attach temperature profile is approximately 38° C higher. The introduction of the lead-free preform is the answer to the high demand from overseas customers, who are facing deadlines to meet upcoming regulations to ban the use of lead in their manufacturing process.

SolderQuik™ BGA Preform is an easy and cost effective way to attach solder spheres to BGA components. An array of solder spheres, that mirrors the array of the BGA, is embedded in a water-soluble paper/polymer carrier. The flux is applied to the component and it is placed on top of the preform, using an inexpensive fixture for alignment. After reflow, the paper is moistened and peeled-off. This process takes a few seconds and requires minimal operator skill. SolderQuik™ BGA Preform eliminates the need for stencils, loose solder balls, or expensive tooling. Preforms are currently available in over 300 array patterns.

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