Dale Albright
Sales and Marketing Manager

BGA Rework Seminar

San Jose, CA - July 28, 1999 – Winslow Automation, Inc. in conjuction with OK International and BLACKFOX Training Institute held a seminar on BGA Rework and Repair methods. This seminar was attended by engineers from IBM, Celistica, Corwil,

The SolderQuikä BGA Preform provides a unique BGA reballing solution. The SolderQuikä BGA Preform consists of an array of solder spheres embedded in a water soluble paper/polymer carrier. The beauty of the preform process lies in its simplicity. After applying flux, simply align the component to the preform with an inexpensive fixture. After reflow, just moisten the carrier and peel it off. SolderQuikä Preforms eliminate the need for stencils, loose solder balls, and solder paste in the reballing process. Reballing a component with preforms requires only a few seconds of labor and very little operator skill, which translates to throughput improvements. This process works well with most reflow equipment and alongside any rework station. Preforms are currently available in over 160 array patterns, including various ball sizes and center cut designs (for cavity down components). Our pattern database grows daily to meet customer demand.

WINSLOW AUTOMATION, INC. has been advancing lead finish and soldering technology since 1986. In 1990, Winslow Automation expanded to include a service division known as S·I·X S·I·G·M·A, utilizing the Winslow Automation FlexLine® , a computerized robotic lead tinning machine capable of processing a variety of components. S·I·X S·I·G·M·A has become the premier lead finish subcontractor in the nation processing millions of components annually. In 1994, Winslow Automation expanded its soldering equipment line with the asset purchase of Mechanization Associates. In 1996, Winslow Automation acquired Raychem Corporation's SolderQuikTM Products as a natural extension to our soldering technology product base. We reengineered the SolderQuik BGA Preform, and first began to market it at NEPCON West in March, 1998.  S·I·X S·I·G·M·A began BGA reballing services utilizing the SolderQuik TM technology in 1997 and has since processed thousands of BGA components.