Daryl Sawtelle

SIX SIGMA announces volume ball attach service utilizing RVSI/Vanguard BGA Ball Placement System.

San Jose, CA - July 15, 1998 - SIX SIGMA, a leading provider of lead finish and BGA reballing services for the electronics industry, announced today that it has purchased an RVSI/Vanguard Semi-Automated BGA Ball Placement System.

The Vanguard machine will add significant capacity to SIX SIGMA’s existing ball attach and BGA reballing production line.   In it's BGA reballing service,  SIX SIGMA utilizes the FlexLine® robotic tinning system to remove the solder left behind when the component was removed from the board. The Vanguard will be utilized for ball placement. Reflow and cleaning will be performed on in-line systems.  Together with the very flexible SolderQuikTM Preform methods already in use, SIX SIGMA will be capable of handling significant variations in lead count and volume requirements.

“Processing as many components as we do every week has made almost every one of our dedicated employees into soldering experts.  It is a natural progression for us to apply our soldering expertise to a volume ball attach service,” states Russ Winslow, President of SIX SIGMA.

SIX SIGMA, which began operations in 1990, provides hot solder lead finish services and related testing for the semiconductor and printed circuit board industries. Components processed by SIX SIGMA are in applications that vary from the most sophisticated missile guidance systems, to the engine controllers in commercial airlines, to automobile passive restraint systems. Today, SIX SIGMA is a recognized leader in semiconductor lead finish - processing millions of high-reliability semiconductor components each year.