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Winslow Automation has been advancing lead finish and soldering technology since 1986. In 1990, Winslow Automation expanded to include a service division known as SIX SIGMA utilizing the Winslow Automation Flexline®, a computerized robotic lead tinning machine capable of processing a variety of components. SIX SIGMA has become the premier lead finish subcontractor in the nation processing millions of components annually. In 1994, Winslow Automation expanded its soldering equipment line with the asset purchase of Mechanization Associates. In 1996, Winslow Automation acquired Raychem Corporation's SolderQuik® Products as a natural extension to our soldering technology product base. SIX SIGMA added BGA reballing services utilizing the SolderQuik® technology in 1997 and has since processed thousands of BGA components.

Patented by Raychem, the SolderQuik® BGA Reballing Preform is the fast, simple, cost effective solution for all low volume ball attach and reballing needs. The SolderQuik® BGA Reballing Starter Kit provides essential tools and supplies needed to launch this solution on your production line, in your lab, or at remote sites. The Model 237 Solder Pot complements the kit for your de-balling needs.

Winslow Automation also offers legacy products in our SolderQuik® consumables line to meet your component ruggedization and fine pitch to PCB rework needs with SolderQuik® Chip Carrier Mounting Device (CCMD) and SolderQuik® Tape respectively.

Winslow Automation’s soldering equipment line features the FlexLine™ Robotic Hot Solder Dip Module for those needing the capability of processing a large volume and variety of multiple components through a repeatable and robotic hot solder dip process. It is complemented by our Fine Pitch Lead Tinning Flux which is formulated to prevent icicles and bridging between leads when soldering fine pitch components.

With a diverse product selection and services, we continue to lead the way in providing superior BGA reballing solutions and other microelectronic soldering technologies.


The proliferation of SMT technology in circuit assemblies created a need to provide lead tinning of SMT components that could not be adapted to pallets or other methods of automated soldering. Winslow recognized this need which led to the development of the FlexLine® Lead Tinning System.


In 1996 Winslow Automation, Inc. acquired an exclusive license to Raychem's SolderQuik® line, again adding to the Winslow Automation, Inc. products. These products include SolderQuik® BGA (Ball Grid Array) preforms that let you attach or reattach solder balls to packages, SolderQuik® Tape which provides an accurate soldering strip that lets you routinely perform fine-pitch surface-mount soldering on a wide variety of components as well as ribbon cable mounting to PCB's, and SolderQuik® CCMD (Chip Carrier Mounting Device) which provides a way to attach leadless ceramic chips to printed wiring boards or for Column Grid Arrays.

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